help laying frame

edited June 2015 in Cadillac
1966 cadillac deville. ok maybe I'm missing something, or am just plain dumb lol but the ez air ride works perfect! i have no complaints what so ever. but i see all these cars on google touching the ground, and it looks like they are running stock size rims and tires, but mine is about 2 inches off the ground, i was able to get it to the ground without the sway bar but it was not drivable. am i missing something? i can put smaller tires on it but my tires are brand new and expensive haha. if anyone can think of anything i am missing.... other than that i bolted the kit in and it all works good but i havent needed to  modify anything other than bit of cutting to make sure the bag didn't rub. (and it is not sitting on the bump stops).
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